(24.Apr.17) Approval of Financials by the Board for the Period Ended 31.03.2017
(29.Mar.17) Important Resolutions Adopted at the Annual General Meeting
(29.Mar.17) Board Resolution Regarding Formation of the Board Sub- Committees
(29.Mar.17) Award of Prepaid System Implementation and Collection for Electricity Holding Company (Nama ‎Holding)
(20.Mar.17) Invitation to Attend Annual General Meeting
(14.Mar.17) Proceedings of the Board Meeting held on March 13, 2017
(22.Jan.17) Award of Billing and Customer Services Contract for PAEW & Haya Water Customers
(22.Jan.17) Award of Collection Services Contract from Electricity Holding Company (Nama Holding)
(01.Jan.17) Award of Contract against Majan Tender No (78/2016)

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