(16.Jul.17) Initial unaudited results for the 6 months period ended June30, 2017
(22.Jun.17) Appointment of Chairman of the Board
(21.Jun.17) Resignation of a Director and Appointment of new Board Member
(30.May.17) Acquisition of additional shareholding in Afaq Al Musana Trading LLC
(24.Apr.17) Approval of Financials by the Board for the Period Ended 31.03.2017
(29.Mar.17) Important Resolutions Adopted at the Annual General Meeting
(29.Mar.17) Board Resolution Regarding Formation of the Board Sub- Committees
(29.Mar.17) Award of Prepaid System Implementation and Collection for Electricity Holding Company (Nama ‎Holding)
(20.Mar.17) Invitation to Attend Annual General Meeting
(14.Mar.17) Proceedings of the Board Meeting held on March 13, 2017
(22.Jan.17) Award of Billing and Customer Services Contract for PAEW & Haya Water Customers
(22.Jan.17) Award of Collection Services Contract from Electricity Holding Company (Nama Holding)
(01.Jan.17) Award of Contract against Majan Tender No (78/2016)

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